About us


Residential School and Vocational Training Centre Nr 3 in Bydgoszcz provides education for children and adolescent people who suffer from mild to profound intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Attendant institutions:
- Elementary school Nr 51
- Middle school Nr 41
- Vocational Training School
- Boarding house

All teachers working at the center take innovative action and seek to introduce innovatory forms of diagnosing and planning of work with intellectually delayed students, which has already resulted in:
- 32 instructional programs
- Bydgoszcz Cultural Education Grant Projects
- devising individual diagnostic sheets and developing a plan of care for each student.

Our educational work takes place in well-equipped testing and assessment facilities:
- Polish language/history laboratory
- Biology/chemistry aboratory
- Computer laboratory
- Integrated learning laboratory (the Montessori method of education being applied).

Classes are supported by the multimedia information center located at the library, which is responsible for the system revalidation and maintenance. The center also offers extra classes in the form of special-interest circles as well as various other therapies aimed at preventing undesirable behaviors.

All wards at the center are given the opportunity to present their skills through fully participating in numerous interschool artistic events, national and international sports tournaments as well as celebrating most important events in the history of the center.

Our center strives to expand its activities and seeks to better their effectiveness; therefore, we cooperate with other mass education and cultural institutions located in Bydgoszcz.

The center's budget comes from the City Hall, reforms and European funds.

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